Power Kidz Educational Approach

Our balanced curriculum meets each child at his/her level of growth and development. Children experience success by engaging in age appropriate activities. We target multiple learning styles with multi-sensory activities. With positive experiences, each child has the best chance to develop strong individual worth and a love for life-long learning.

Academic Development

At Power Kidz, we identify and adapt literacy and math goals to each child�s unique rate of development. Our language rich environment promotes a strong literacy foundation. Mathematic skills are developed by challenging children to use numbers while exploring new ideas and concepts. Individualized academic skills are practiced daily. Through the use of hands on and visual experiences, children are successful at developing these essential skills.

Social Development

At Power Kidz we will help strengthen virtue and moral character. We provide an environment where all children learn to love and respect themselves and others. Through the use of puppetry, music, stories and role playing we encourage children to get along with others, manage anger, use self-control, solve problems and make good choices. Each day children develop their ability to interact and communicate appropriately and effectively with their peers and teachers.


At Power Kidz our health and fitness is coordinated by a certified Physical Education professional, with over 20 years experience. Our fitness program is designed to promote cardiovascular health through body awareness, music and movement, exercise and nutrition. Our goal is for children to enjoy life through healthy lifestyle choices.


Teachers will observe and record notes on children's behavior, experiences, and interests. Based on these observations and notes, teachers can plan activities that will facilitate children's growth and development. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill Guidelines will be used for our preschool age children. The Guidelines are mandatory in all Texas Public Schools and offer detailed descriptions of expected behaviors across multiple skill domains. The intent of this organizational design is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to master these skills by the time they are 5 years old. Parent meetings will be held twice a year to review their children's development.

After School Program

Our after school program provides an environment with different activities from which the child may choose. The children are provided a snack and an opportunity to do their homework. Active time will be provided and they will go outside if weather permits. During the summer months, Power Kidz will have activities planned that will keep them well occupied. Calendars of events and activities will be provided along with information on any extra fees that may be required.

Summer Camp

We look forward to fantastic summers at Power Kidz! Our camp themes focus on nature, arts, our community and the earth. Around these themes we go on field trips 3 to 4 times a week and discover amazing adventures and knowledge in our own environment. While having tons of fun, we will also learn new skills and knowledge through our discoveries.


Children will be involved in the preparation of their snack. By using this process, different healthy food will be introduced which help relieve some of the fear of trying new food. A group snack is used as an opportunity to teach science, math, develop social and language skills.


At Power Kidz, we believe in the importance of healthy eating for young children. Young children grow and learn at an astonishing rate. Children need nourishing food and plenty of water in order to have the energy required to grow, move and learn. A good diet has shown to improve concentration and energy levels, increasing children�s learning potential. At Power Kidz, we have a full commercial kitchen, where we will prepare Grandmother approved meals, that provide all the different proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals a young child needs. Careful planning of snack and meal times will ensure that a wide range of food be introduced to the children in a variety of different ways.